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Steve Baxter CA, BEc

Your Indirect Tax Advisor

Stephen is the founder and director of Pty Ltd.

He has been an indirect tax advisor for 28 years. Steve advised large listed corporations and multinationals at Price Waterhouse where he was Associate Director before leaving to join Indirect Tax Consulting Group. Later he assisted many large corporations, SMEs and government agencies to implement the Australian GST. He continues to service clients in those segments and in industry sectors such as property, construction, transport, international trade and services, technology and health. He also provides specialist indirect tax advice to a wide range of accountants, lawyers and insolvency practitioners.

Steve is on the Australian Federal Treasurer’s Board of Tax Advisory Panel. He has served on the Institute of Chartered Accountant’s National Indirect Tax Committee for 11 years. Recently he completed the GST chapters for the CCH publication Small Business Tax Concessions Guide 3rd Ed.

Steve is the indirect tax advisor you have been looking for. Why don’t you give Steve Baxter a call on +61 2 9221 2888 or email him at