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Could your staff benefit from TRAINING packages such as:

  • GST on Property
  • GST Update
  • GST for Insolvency
  • GST on International Transport
  • Land Tax Basics
  • Fuel Tax Credits

Do you need any of the following tailored and cost effective PRODUCTS for your business?

  • GST Recovery Project (from customers after sale)
  • GST Margin Scheme Agreement Project (after property settlements)
  • Australian GST Start-Up Package (for non-residents)
  • GST BAS Preparation
  • GST Prudential Review
  • Fuel Tax Credit Claim
  • Land Tax Principal Place of Residence Determination
  • Land Tax Primary Production Land Determination
  • Land Tax Trust Review and Trust Deed Variation

Recent PUBLICATIONS and articles

GST chapters for the CCH publication Small Business Tax Concessions Guide 3rd Ed (purchase it at

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